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This clinically-oriented text covers the anatomy of all major species of domestic animals. It provides the general knowledge of mammalian structure that is crucial to the understanding of the other basic sciences, as well as the more detailed information that is directly applicable to the practice of veterinary medicine. Discussing the various body systems, it then offers a working knowledge of them by addressing the regional anatomy of a particular species or group of species. Content is divided into two main sections ― body systems and specific species or group of species ― for a thorough and more logical study of anatomy. All chapters feature a consistent format, offering a simple and even flow of information. Color inserts enhance the overall quality of the book and better illustrate various anatomical areas of concern. Both small and large animals are covered ― including the horse, pig, cow, dog, and cat ― to emphasize features and topics that have direct relevance to clinical work. Also included is a chapter on Avian Anatomy

Arthurs Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics

by Geoffrey H. Arthur [2001]


pages 888

This new eighth edition of the classic text covers all aspects of reproduction and obstetrics in all common domestic species, as well as several less common species. This is the only book to cover the full range of domestic animals and now also includes less common species such as llamas and alpacas. Several more common, frequently encountered small animal species such as guinea pigs and rabbits are discussed for the first time in this edition