British Pharmaceutical Codex

by Pharmaceutical Society of Britain [2012]


pages 652

The scope of this work may be defined by describing the book as an Imperial dispensatory for the use of medical practitioners and pharmacists, since it contains information respecting all drugs and medicines in common use throughout the British Empire, including the principal substances and preparations which are official in the Pharmacopoeias of France, Germany, and the United States, as well as those described in the British Pharmacopoeia. The chief aim of the work is the provision of accurate information for prescribers and dispensers, special attention being given to the requirements of those practising in the British dominions beyond the seas

Advances in Drug Research [Vol 26]

by B. Testa, U. Meyer [1995]


pages 293

Volume 26 continues the trend of shorter, more frequent volumes. With Volume 25, the series gained a new co-editor, Urs Meyer. While retaining the commitment to publish chapters on therapeutic or chemical classes and on general topics or concepts, the series' coverage has expanded to include methodological chapters, and new areas of recognized or potential significance to drug research, especially in molecular pharmacology