pages 524

The book has been designed to start with an overview of the whole Niger-Congo family and then to deal with each of the main subfamilies chapter by chapter. Since Benue-Congo, however, is such a large subfamily, we agreed that it should have an overview chapter, followed by shorter chapters taking up the principal branches of Benue-Congo. Furthermore, since Bantoid is such a large branch within Benue-Congo, that was also given an overview chapter and is followed by three further chapters. This organizational design is reflected in the layout of the table of contents

Cambridge Phrasal Verbs Dictionary

by Cambridge University [2006]


pages 436

The new edition of the Cambridge Phrasal Verbs Dictionary covers around 6,000 phrasal verbs current in British, American and Australian English. Clear explanations and guidance help learners master this difficult yet essential aspect of the English language. Fully updated with new phrasal verbs, e.g. cosy up to, copy in, sex up. Clear advice on grammar and usage. Thousands of example sentences show phrasal verbs in typical contexts. Most common phrasal verbs highlighted so students know which to learn. A thematic section shows phrasal verbs in topic groups for vocabulary expansion

An Introduction to Language, 9th Edition

by Victoria Fromkin [2010]


pages 644

Assuming no prior knowledge of linguistics, AN INTRODUCTION TO LANGUAGE, Ninth Edition, is appropriate for a variety of fields--including education, languages, psychology, anthropology, English, and teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)--at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This completely updated edition retains the clear descriptions, humor, and seamless pedagogy that have made the text a perennial best-seller, while adding new information and exercises that render each topic fresh, engaging, and current


pages 336

The third edition of the book widely recognized as providing the most readable and clearly articulated introduction to Cognitive Linguistics is fully revised and updated to include the considerable developments in Cognitive Linguistics since 1987. It covers recent research on polysemy, meaning relatedness and metaphors, as well as expanding the discussion of syntactic categories and the relevance of computer simulations


pages 468

Here is the most authoritative and up-to-date dictionary of linguistics available, fully revised for the second edition. Written by distinguished authority Peter Matthews, this handy reference includes over 3,150 entries providing worldwide coverage of languages and language families, grammatical terms in English as well as grammatical categories in other languages. Matthews also offers extensive coverage of the theory of language, language history, and important ideas and figures in linguistics. A directory of symbols is included for quick and easy reference. The new edition boasts greatly enhanced coverage of sociolinguistics, making it an ideal reference for those studying linguistics. It also includes entries on notable recent theorists in the field, such as Del Hymes and Peter Trudgill


pages 222

This text is the result of over a decade of reflection by practising teachers. It draws upon contemporary research and developments in the field of literacy learning that have occurred since the release of the original First Steps materials. This second edition makes practical connections between assessment, teaching and learning and caters for diverse needs within a classroom. The texts and professional development courses provide a strategic whole-school approach to improving students' literacy outcomes


pages 92

This book aims to improve your writing skills by teaching you how to use the principles of business writing. These principles - focus, purpose, meaning, substance, structure, clarity and humility - have been derived from my work as a journalist, copywriter, corporate communication specialist and business writer. They reflect my experience of what works and my personal views of how business writing should be used within the organization


pages 116

This book covers many different aspects of spring, summer, fall and winter including weather, nature, holidays, festivals, the five senses, science, literature, entertainment and more! These 1,000 prompts work for blogs, scripts, stories, poems, essays, songs and anything else that requires you to stare down writer's block and put pen to paper anyway. Originally geared for the classroom, these prompts can be used by any writer from 5 to 105 to get the ideas they need when they need them


pages 212

Le jeu en classe de langue se fixe pour but d'aider à mieux intégrer le jeu dans la classe en tant qu'outil d'enseignement et d'apprentissage. Face à la grande diversité des publics, des objectifs à atteindre et des situations d'enseignement, il s'agit moins de fournir des recettes prêtes à l'emploi que de présenter des matrices susceptibles de répondre à des besoins multiples et singuliers. L'ouvrage comporte deux parties : - La première fournit aux enseignants des orientations pour engager ou poursuivre la réflexion sur l'exploitation pédagogique du jeu, ainsi que des pistes concrètes pour tirer le meilleur parti des supports ludiques et pour créer une atmosphère propice au jeu ; - La seconde, axée sur des propositions pratiques pour la classe, inclut 20 matrices de jeu donnant lieu à des centaines d'exploitations pédagogiques différentes. Chaque matrice est ilustrée par une application détaillée prête à l'emploi, suivie d'une dizaine de suggestions de variantes.

No Longer at Ease

by Chinua Achebe [1994]


pages 210

The story of a man whose foreign education has separated him from his African roots and made him parts of a ruling elite whose corruption he finds repugnant. More than thirty years after it was first written, this novel remains a brilliant statement on the challenges still facing African society


pages 81

This workbook is designed to help non-native English speakers improve their knowledge and understanding of core banking and financial terminology. Self-study exercises and practical exercises for classroom use are included, making it easy to test your classroom knowledge at home. It uses a variety of engaging activities such as word games, crosswords, speaking exercises and group games, which make learning easy and fun

Linguistic Criticism (Opus)

by Roger Fowler [1996]


pages 276

A particularly fruitful development in literary studies has been the application of ideas drawn from linguistics. Precise analytical methods help the practical criticism of texts, while at the same time the theory of language has illuminated literary theory. Linguistic Criticism is an accessible introduction to this often confusing subject. Fowler sets out clearly and simply a variety of analytical techniques whose application he demonstrates in discussions of a wide range of texts drawn from fiction, poetry, and drama. He concentrates on structures that relate literature to ordinary language, stressing the importance of the reader's everyday language skills


pages 364

Contact Linguistics is a critical investigation of what happens to the grammars of languages when bilingual speakers use both their languages in the same clause. It consolidates earlier insights and presents the new theoretical and empirical work of a scholar whose ideas have had a fundamental impact on the field. It also shows that bilingual data offer a revealing window on the structure of the language faculty. Carol Myers-Scotton examines the nature of major contact phenomena, especially lexical borrowing, grammatical convergence, codeswitching, first language attrition, mixed languages, and the development of creoles

Les Metiers du Tourisme

by Philippe Charollois [1998]


pages 256

Aujourd'hui, le tourisme ne s'improvise plus. A tous les niveaux, des professionnels sont nécessaires pour imaginer, concevoir, faire connaftre, vendre et distribuer les voyages. D'autres encore doivent les faire vivre et les animer. Cette chaîne de fabrication, implique de nombreux intervenants, aux fonctions et aux compétences fort diverses: guide-accom-pagnateur, agent de comptoir, forfaitiste, chef de produit, etc. De bac à bac+5, ce secteur dynamique offre donc de fantastiques opportunités et de fabuleux métiers. A condition, bien sûr, de choisir la bonne formation, de multiplier les stages ou les jobs et de faire preuve d'une motivation à toute épreuve. Car les postulants sont nombreux et la concurrence est rude


pages 244

Communicative Syllabus Design provides an ideal resource for identifying and selecting the syllabus content relevant to the needs of different types or groups of foreign-language learner. Clear examples are given at every stage of the explanation with two detailed studies of how the model works in practice. It should be invaluable to anyone writing ESP courses. Teachers who are involved in planning general courses should also find it relevant and informative since the criteria for analysing communicative needs can easily be adapted for their purposes

Language and Social Networks

by Lesley Milroy [1991]


pages 252

First published in 1980, Language and Social Networks has had a great influence on the development of sociolinguistics. The second edition incorporates an extensive new chapter reappraising the original research and discussing other sociolinguistic work in the same paradigm


pages 260

She recounts her intensive sessions with her therapist, where she learns devastating truths behind her misconceptions of the real world. She overcomes the prejudice of teachers and classmates in her quest to obtain a degree in education and recounts her breakthrough working with autistic children. She comes to terms with the unwelcome - and for someone with autism, the particularly horrifying - demands of instant celebrity when her first book becomes an international bestseller. She describes the pain and joy of recognizing for the first time her own emotions. She learns to own her self and to love the person she discovers in the mirror


pages 300

This new edition of R. A. Hudson's Sociolinguistics will be welcomed by students and teachers alike. To reflect changes in the field since publication of the first edition in 1980, the author has added new sections on politeness, accommodation, and prototypes; and he has expanded discussion of sex differences in language use, and the relationship between language and thought. Ample coverage of classic topics such as varieties of language, speech as social interaction, the quantitative study of speech, and linguistic and social inequality, remains


pages 304

On the Banks of the Zambezi, a novel based on a true story, captures the factual experience of those who lived through a pioneering, daring, dangerous, and eventually futile effort to carve out a living in the undeveloped interior of Africa during the Portuguese colonial war, a turbulent period of history which led, in the mid 1970s, to the independence of five separate African nations. The book portrays, through the eyes of a white child whose parents settle in the interior of Mozambique to run a general store catering to the local Chisena people, a family’s struggle, in spite of sickness and death, to re-build life and business, only to have their lifestyle destroyed by forces beyond their control. The experience of growing up white in a remote black environment is portrayed vividly, as is the primitive life of the locals, the disparity of opportunities for the white settlers compared to the native blacks, and the build-up of war from a rumble to a tragic reality


pages 316

This volumes examines selected formal and functional characteristics of English in South Asia, where English was introduced in the sixteenth century and now has over fifty million users. An integrative and interdisciplinary collection, the books brings together invited papers by acclaimed creative writers from India and Pakistan and by international linguists and English educators. The five major facets of South Asian English discussed are context and uses: structure and contact; functions and innovations; the curriculum; and the multilingual's creativity. The volume provides current perspectives on complex issues of concern to teachers and students of world Englishes

How Conversation Works (Language Library)

by Ronald Wardhaugh [1985]


pages 244

Conversation is very often spontaneous, natural and informal. But even at its most casual it is governed by rules and principles of language and behaviour. This book lays bare the structure of conversation, describing what happens when people talk to each other and explaining why they say what they say in a wide variety of circumstances. Ronald Wardhaugh explores many aspects of conversation, asking how conversations start, how we decide who will speak next, how we change the subject, and how we know when a conversation has finished. How Conversation Works is the most accessible guide to discourse analysis and pragmatics yet written and will be read with profit and enjoyment by students and general readers alike


pages 356

A companion to the author's Sociolinguistics of Society, this textbook, examines the influence of social interaction in language use and discusses a variety of facts about language from the commonplace to the exotic

Sri Lanka Literary Essays & Sketches

by Charles Sarvan [2011]


pages 228

This anthology consists of articles on Sri Lankan literary works written (with a few exceptions) in English. For the benefit of non-Sri Lankan readers, something of the necessary historical, political and cultural background is provided. Broadening into the field of cultural studies , the volume includes comment on films based on, or relevant to, Sri Lanka. Published over several years (the first in 1989), the articles reflect changes in the Island and, therefore, in the concern of its writers. Section 2, Related articles, consists of a reading of Conrad s Heart of Darkness from a Buddhist and Hindu perspective; an examination of the term racism, and a meditation on an aspect of the Sri Lankan exile experience. Sketches, the last section, contains two imaginative pieces and a factual, tsunami-related, incident


pages 130

The communicative approach is changing the face of foreign language teaching. It provides an introduction to communicative language teaching for practising classroom teachers. The author gives a single coherent account of the basic communicative ideas, emphasizing those aspects most important in the classroom so that teachers can integrate the new ideas into their own familiar methods. He stresses that a knowledge of grammar remains essential for effective communication

Language and Society in Hong Kong

by Kingsley Bolton [2008]


pages 512

Hong Kong is one the most linguistically interesting communities in the world. This volume presents a compilation of local and international research on language issues relevant to the study of language in the context of the Hong Kong SAR today. The eighteen chapters in this book are organised thematically into six sections: The Hong Kong speech community; The sociolinguistics of Chinese;The sociolinguistics of English; Code-switching and code-mixing; Language and gender; and Language planning and language policies